30 April, 2010

{Maximizing Your Results}

"You should never exercise intensely for more than two hours at a time" Jillian Michaels states from her book "Making the Cut. It is important not to overdo it in a single exercise session, you can maximize your results by splitting your workout into two separate sessions. For example, you can resistance-train in the morning, and cardio-train at night. This means you burn calories not only during exercise but afterward. Jillian states "for hours afterward your body will continue to burn up to 25% more calories, thus elevating your BMR (basal metabolic rate).

I know that sometimes life can get so hectic and busy that you're lucky if you get to work out at all. So if you can't split your workout in two, do not fret. If you're working out once a day five days a week, be happy at least you're doing it!

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