01 June, 2010

Confessions of a Housewife

...I am an organizer at heart. I love to be very chill but that only happens when things in my life are "together". Is it even possible for an individual to be like that or is it all housewives? I would love to hear your confession to this so perhaps I don't feel so strange.

Don't laugh - but I have templates that I have made up for myself to make organization a little more simple. My Housewife Link to Survival. Just click on the template to view larger or print.

This is the "Calendar". This gives me the overall look of what is happening in a specific month.
-Events to Remember
-Freezer Meals: notable place of what I will be making extra of and storing in the freezer. Excellent place to go back and reference when using freezer meals.
-Projects To-Do: I can't tackle all my projects that I have yet to do and what I want to do - in one amazing month. But I place one or two projects here and I make sure to get them done. That way they don't build up!
-Deep Clean: Write down one or two rooms in your house that will be deep cleaned (aka spring cleaned). Of course keep up on your housework throughout the house but I find that by deep cleaning one or two rooms each month it isn't too much to handle and my house stays pretty clean. Continue to rotate rooms and you will find that by the time you get around to the beginning again, it isn't so disgusting!

Think I'm crazy yet? ... Let's move on!

"Deep Clean Checklist" This template is a generic checklist that one can go by so as not to forget the little things throughout a deep clean. Also helpful when moving.

... it gets better!

"Menu Planner" So helpful when planning meals. Also an excellent link to saving money. Use this when grocery shopping!
Explanation Below:
Meal: Name of Meal
Item: Ingredients needed in meal/or that needs to be picked up at the store
#: Qty of Ingredients needed in meal/or that needs to be picked up at the store
T: Type of Meal = F, frozen (double batch to freeze for later). R, regular

and finally...

"Budgeting" Also Known As - My Peace of Mind. I destress when I see this paper. I love to see things paid off and extra money in savings. This is my tool used to save money and pay expenses off earlier.
Instructions Below:
Write Fixed Expenses First
Min. Pay= List Minimum Amount Due
Due Date= Write Due Date
PP= Pay Period this is paid in. (1st paycheck of the month or 2nd)
Interest= Interest on the expense
$ Added= Can you place anymore money on this expense to pay off sooner.
Total Due= Write down Amount that will be paid that month
Now owe= What’s left owing after payment is made

Using these templates I feel stronger. I don't worry if I am giving my family a good meal, if my house is in shambles, and if my hubby will go to school or retire someday! My hubby and I have been through the stresses and not too many years ago, and we work so hard to keep on top of everything. This is one of my greatest links to chill town for myself and marital bliss for hubby and I.

Crazy? Or Not so Much?

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