23 December, 2009

Homestyle Bowls

3/4 lb. Ground Beef
1 bottle Heinz Savory Beef Gravy
1 can Whole Kernal Corn
Prepared Mashed Potatoes

Brown meat in a medium size pot. Drain all liquid from it. Pour Gravy into pot with beef and turn burner on low-medium; stirring occasionally. Allow to come to low boil.

Prepare corn as you normally would to eat serpartely with a meal. Set aside once hot.

At this point the mashed potatoes should be ready to serve.

Combine prepared corn and prepared gravy mixture together. Serve over warm mashed potatoes.

*This is an absolute yummy favorite of my hubbies. I like to put my corn on the side and not always mixed in but it is truly savory. Try it with baked potatoes as well. Awesome!

Freeze: Make double of this recipe and save for a later time. Perfect quick dinner.

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