23 December, 2009

Pretty Package Cake

Idea credit goes to family fun.

Frosted 9x13 inch cake
Spree Candies
Fruit by the Foot

Ribbon: Cut 12-inch and 16-inch lenght of fruit by the foot and drape them across the cake and down the sides to resemble ribbon. Tuck the ends under the cake, using a spatula to gently lift it just a little.

Bow: Top the ribbon with two 8-inch lengths of fruit by the food fashioned into loops and 5-inch long streamers with notches snipped into the ends. Add a small oval to resemble a knot.

Polka Dot Gift Wrap: Press randomly spaced spree candies into the frosting (perhaps about 36 pieces).

Be sure to take cake from the original cake pan and lay it on a tinfoil wrapped piece of cardboard. Easy does it!

*I won an award on this cake decoration. It was so simple and an absolute thrill to make. I was just tickled with the turn out. I forgot to take a pic of my own cake but I used the family fun pic on it as mine turned out the exact same. You would be surprised too of how easy and exactly the same yours will turn out to be too. Thanks Family Fun!

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