07 January, 2010

Morning Cocktail

If you have never been acquainted with a juicer you have to try it out. I recommend borrowing a friend's before buying as this may not be your cup of tea. I could go on and on about the healthiness of juicing but if you are interested I'm sure I will see comments.

My Favorite Mix & The Benefits

Morning Cocktail
Apple (2): Cravings, herpes simplex, infections and weight issues
Celery (1): Infection & weight issues
Carrot (2): Allergies, canker sore, cellulite, cravings, depression, diabetes mellitus, eczema, herpes simplex, infections, weight issues & stress

This mix makes about 8-10 oz. The benefits named above are ones that I was more interested in. There are clearly so many more benefits that these fruits and veggies help with.

*Not long ago I used juices (morning cocktail in particular) to lose weight. I would replace 1-2 meals a day. I was surprised a few days after starting it that I didn't struggle at all with cravings and I was running crazy with energy. -Who doesn't need that with kids? This drink is so yummy and gets your day starting off on the right foot.

-You would be shocked at all the benefits that come along with juicing.

Health Info:
148 Calories for a 7 ounce cup.

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