15 February, 2010

Boredom/Fun Bottle

This bottle has been a life saver at many times and in others we have had so much fun.

Decorate an empty bottle of a decent size. Get your children involved in the decorating and ideas. Fun Family Night! Write on strips of paper and place in the bottle.

Boredom Bottle: Each time your child comes to you (this happens a lot in the summertime), whining that they are bored, without question have them grab a strip of paper from the boredom jar. The rule is that they must do it because they came to you telling you they are bored. (We hate that, right?!) The jar will contain a mixture of whatever you like. I put in strips of paper that contain chores that need done and I often don't get to (ie. dusting, washing walls). I have also put in strips of paper that are active outside things (ie. running around the house 5 times, jumping jacks) If they whine or complain about doing what the strip of paper said then they pull another. This will eliminate arguments with your children, headaches for you, and possibly stop the "Boredom Whine" altogether!

Family Fun Bottle:

We use this a lot for various reasons. When we can't decide together on what to do as a family, or when the kids want some ideas of what to do for fun time. Place some strips of paper in here of different game and activity ideas. Challenge: Place more active ones in the bottle rather than sitting down.

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