10 September, 2010

First Day of Cooking

This is my first time cooking for freezer meals and it was a bit different but so nice. I can already think of a few things I would like to buy for my kitchen to make this a tad bit easier but all in all it went great. I have kind of a busy schedule today so I was only able to get a few things done.

I completed:
Bulk Cooked Rice
Bulk Bacon
2 Hawaiian Haystack Meals
2 Creamy Chicken and Rice Meals
2 Cheesy Ham Bake Meals

I could have gotten another 2 meals done but I was missing an ingredient that I had forgoten. This took me a total time of about 1-1/2 hours. There was no need for it to take that long except that I had to pick up my son from Kindergarten and make an after school snack for him.

I can see that as I get used to making freezer meals I will be able to lessen the time I spend preparing them - especially as I get used to the recipes and I do like meals on the same cook day. I figure every two weeks I will spend 2 days (2 hours each day) preparing about 16-20 meals. Not Bad! I am also excited to venture into the desserts, appetizers, smoothies and breads ... Freezing!

.... I may need a small deep freeze! :)

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